I ain't no expert
  1. Egremont Russet
    Sweet-nutty, but also a little tart
  2. Freyburg
    Crazy albeit subtle anise-clove flavor; looks deceptively plain, big & yellow; New Zealand origin
  3. Fawn River Sweet
    Dense and flavorful
  4. Kings Acre Bountiful
    Interesting dense-crisp texture; sorta russet, sorta striated
  5. Karmjin de Sonneville
    "parentage" of Cox Orange Pippin & Belle de Boskoop
  6. Nickajack
    A little tart but still sweet, a little soft but good anyway; North Carolina origin
  7. Black Gilliflower
    Not super flavorful or impressive texture, but somehow still notably _good_ amidst a zillion other apples
  8. Tydeman's Late Orange
    Nice and dense, though not very complex or tart
  9. Calville Blanc
    A bit tart, nice
  10. Suntan
  11. Bert's Special
    Made no notes. Definitely liked it, though.
  12. Reine de Reinettes
    Sweet-tart balance, only okay texture