What did I do differently than usual? This list is kind of sad and I still feel totally alright. I've really gotta get to the bottom of this good brain chemistry situation cause it is great.
  1. I only had one cup of coffee, but it was from Burgerville - maybe they make crazy strong coffee
  2. I only had one cup of coffee, but it was like two hours after I got up, so my body got to wake up on its own first, but there was never a possibility that I wouldn't get said coffee. I prefer this.
  3. I went to bed last night with purpose, kind of
  4. Playing hooky from work to take care of harder work, and then coming into work for an hour out of guilt and it being more like a fun break that also made me feel good about being responsible
  5. The mysteriously sore muscles around my ribs finally stopped hurting after two weeks. Maybe my body had been using so much energy to deal with that every day that today it was like having extra.
  6. I was worrying about having no thanksgiving plans but now that I do, it's like a weight has been lifted
  7. I felt so lousy over the weekend that this is some manic upswing (but not manic)
  8. Not wearing earrings
  9. Ponytail?
  10. What did I eat yesterday?
  11. Oh, I did remember to take my Vitamineral Green yesterday, maybe it was that
  12. I also hydrated really well yesterday in general
  13. Knowing that this is like a two day workweek is pretty energizing, or at least the opposite of being exhausting to think about.
  14. I made a backup plan for who I want to internet-date next in case that other guy never calls.
  15. Is it a full moon?
  16. The ground was all frosted this morning.
  17. Maybe I really love what I am doing?
  18. I had so much work to do, there was really no choice but to be extremely productive and make decisions to allow for that
  19. I'm gonna bet on the Vitamineral Green.