Portland is lucky to have KXRY and KBOO, different but special in their own wacky ways. Even if you don't live here, you can enjoy it as I do: FAVORITE SHOWS ON XRAY.FM, NOT RANKED
  1. Better than corporate radio, where money decides what you listen to
  2. Better than Internet radio, where algorithms (and possibly money) decide what you should listen to
  3. Talk shows and politics are generally "of the people"
  4. DJs are real people making thoughtful decisions and interesting commentary, be it brief or long-longwinded
    I mean if you find humans interesting
  5. Arguably better than national public radio, which I do also hold dear, as the voices represent and foster local ideas and aesthetics
    (besides avoiding the strange uniformity towards which most national radio and podcast hosts seem to be converging in this day of pristine production)