These are the movies that I'll watch or DVR so I can watch later when my kid isn't around (which I know defeats the purpose of this list but whaddaya gonna do, I will at least have all my "classics" in one spot). I would say most are part of the framework of my life in some way.
  1. Sixteen Candles - a John Hughes classic. I still say lines from it from time to time and I'm 40.
  2. Top Gun - Tom Cruise at his most appealing, hot guys shirts off, Kelly McGillis so sexy, Goose! And "You lost that loving feeling" enough said.
  3. St. Elmo's Fire - would I ever be as old as them? Would I ever be as grownup? Would Rob Lowe actually want me? Could I tame that bad boy? TBD..
  4. Up Close and Personal - Weird entry I know but a tear jerker love story with Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert Redford? I mean...
  5. One Fine Day - another weird one BUT George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer...yes, yes I will.
  6. Goodfellas - always shocked by how violent it is but there is so much that is good about that movie. So much. A Scorsese classic.
  7. Karate Kid - "Sweep the leg!!!!"
  8. Grease - first movie I ever saw in a theater. I was convinced that John Travolta was for me and only for me...I was wrong but man do I love that movie.
  9. Donnie Brasco - Al Pacino and Johnny Depp. "It's fugazi."
  10. Dirty Dancing - I will let my daughter watch this one...I haven't yet but I will! All the bad stuff will go over her head? The dancing, the music, the Otis Redding sex scene...I'm in.
  11. Moonstruck - Cher at her very best. A perfect love story.
  12. Tootsie - "It Might be You" by Steven Bishop and Dustin Hoffman with an epic performance. What's better? Not much.
  13. G.I. Jane - I know, keep laughing. My husband laughs at me every time. Demi Moore is such a mutha effin badass in this. Women power. Boom. Viggo Mortensen. Boom.
  14. Heat - Dont know how I forgot this one. Saw it for the first time in college. All the actors became instantly part of my actor lexicon. Still to this day I have a soft spot for "Wayne Groh" when he gets submitted. Thank you for the reminder Alex!