How did the main characters of Lizzie McGuire vote in the 2016 Election?

And most importantly what are their #fave #drinks
  1. Lizzie
    #WasWithHer in primaries and general. Has included the #nastywoman hashtag in every instagram she’s posted since the election. Believes Miranda’s politics can be a little divisive sometimes. Physically cant understand intersectional feminism. The Women’s March was her first and last protest. Finally fucked Aaron Carter when he did a show at a shitty venue near her college. He came after tittyfucking her for five minutes, asked if she came, then rolled over and fell asleep. Fave Drink: Rosé
  2. Kate
    Puts the “white women” in “53% of white women voted for Trump.” Thinks Feminism is a bad word. Has never orgasmed w a partner. Dated the prez of the Young Republicans since 1st week of college & well into her 20s till it came out that he was having a gay affair. In reaction,went w Lizzie on an EatPrayLove trip and now considers herself a libertarian. Will sleep with Gordo on their 20th high school reunion bc she’s going thru her 2nd divorce & has a lite Xanax problem. Fave Drink: SkinnyGirl Marg
  3. Miranda
    Felt the Bern in the primaries and begrudgingly voted 4 Hillary in the general. Posted articles and memes critiquing Hillary’s neoliberalism and hispandering. Kinda surprised Trump won but also not at all. Doesn’t talk to the gang much anymore, still tight w Lizzie bc of shared history but has a v cool QTPOC/WOC crew she spends most her time with. Slept w Ethan the summer she went home after sophomore year. Punched a dude at a diy punk show at her liberal arts college. Fave Drink: 40s
  4. Gordo
    Voted Bernie in primaries, Jill Stein in general. The 2016 general election is the 1st & only time he’ll care about the green party. Mansplains to girls at parties why Jill's better 4 them than Hillary. Doesn't know having Infinite Jest on his nightstand is a rookie softboy move. Sucks at giving head. Dumped Lizzie during freshman yr Thxgiving Break. Ideal women r Anna Karina and Master of None S2 Italian chick. Fave Drink: Bottom shelf whiskey, on the rocks.
  5. Ethan
    Campaigned for Hillary so he could meet chicks but forgot to vote in both the primary and the general election. After sleeping his way through all the #ImWithHer volunteers, he made his way to a few of the #MakeAmericaGreatAgain ones. His sign for the Woman’s March said “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?” and he has "one love" tattooed on his perfectly toned back. Thinks he’s great at giving head. Tbh he’s not bad. Fave Drink: A cold one with the boys
  6. Matt
    Voted for Trump in the primaries as a joke. After primaries, tripped acid with his friends and came out a conservative republican. Voted Trump in the general and somehow sleeps at night thinking he’s anti-establishment. Has never licked a clit. Got his dick sucked in college once by a guy but still considers himself straight. Used to think @versacetamagotchi was funny before he got left-wing political during the elections. Reddit = Life. Fave Drink: Tepid watermelon Four Loko.