The virtual thirst is strong with these ladies.
  1. just want to kick things off with this one, commented on my dad's most recent profile picture which is him with a v low v-neck and a thin golden chain resting loudly on his chest hair, as well as a truly exquisite afro. i like the vibes Evelyn gives off, it's like a nostalgic compliment but at the same time it's like she's saying lol u old now tho.
  2. concise and with it, she probably learned "OMG" a few weeks ago and still watches Modern Family
  3. indeed they were, elsa, indeed they were.
  4. it's cool when you go online and find grownups using symbols to convey the fact that they want to smile at and proceed to lick yr dad!
  5. this translates to "hello daddy" and the kisses i dont have to translate because kisses are universal and apparently so is my dad as a paternal figure
  6. another daddy appearence, this time translated to "oh but what a beautiful daddy!!" i like that she's hitting on him but manages to keep her eye on the prize: the laws of accents
  7. another from our beloved lourdes who has renounced her noble grammar pursuits and gone with a hispanic "hee hee hee hee!!"
  8. my dad Liked this one. it must be sad growing older. but at least he's surrounded by the virtual presence of a bunch of sultry chicas who are not afraid to speak their mind!!
  9. does this list sound bitter maybe i am still bitter about my parents' divorce lol #comedy but really no hate to these ladies, i plan on doing the same in a few decades let's be perfectly honest