A list of jobs I think would be neat to have, whether temporarily or permanently, assuming I had the necessary skill sets where applicable. TO BE CONTINUED
  1. Voice actor
    I not so secretly try to perfect my impressions of people semi regularly, and if this came naturally that would be super helpful.
  2. Food critic for Zagat
    No description necessary.
  3. Someone who made a career out of YouTube that resulted in a book deal or vague celebrity status
    Looking at you Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig, etc. Actually, you know what? Looking at you Nash Grier, though you are garbage. Or Shawn Mendez, you seem nicer and you opened for Taylor Swift, jfc.
  4. A musician of some kind with a record that went like platinum overnight
  5. A subject matter expert in ANY one thing
    Like I literally don't care what but what if you knew all there was to know about one thing that would be awesome
  6. A book critic
    Imagine being the first person to read Harry Potter and being like OMG if only everyone loved this book as much as I do.
  7. A house flipper
  8. A handyman
    I so frequently wish I knew how to fix shit. Like, imagine never having to call a landlord or a repairman or a mechanic because you could do that shit yourself. Amazing.
  9. A bartender
    You're a booze artist. End of story.
  10. The guy who ultimately solves a giant medical mystery
    Wouldn't that be a huge relief though? You could die happy knowing that OTHER people aren't dying because you outsmarted genetics and the human body and all kinds of other factors.