By me, an ex-Mormon
  1. Acknowledge there might be something wrong with the organization.
  2. Let that fester for a few years.
  3. Acknowledge there is a 2nd thing wrong with it.
  4. Let that fester for a few more years.
  5. Realize that too many things are wrong with said organization.
  6. Talk to people you trust.
  7. Talk to people you respect.
  8. Trust your gut.
  9. Have a severe, painful, slow-burning identity crisis.
  10. Find your true self.
  11. Jump down off the fence to the other side.
  12. Keep finding your true self.
  13. Allow evolution.
  14. Drink a lot a lot a lot.
  15. Allow yourself to try things that are new to you.
  16. If a new thing doesn't feel good, learn from it and move forward.
  17. Don't become an alcoholic.
  18. Allow your spirituality to be fluid or undefined for as long as you want.
  19. Breathe.