1. Self-deprecate. That way when you are seen doing something just kinda great, you will look magnificent.
  2. When You Have a Setback, Laugh. People will look at you and think, "Wow. I believe she's got this."
  3. Over-share. When you share unwarranted private details of your life, those around you will think it is because you are insanely confident.
  4. Keep Your Car Full of Gas. Whatever it takes! This way you will always feel like you can go anywhere, can move forward, see new things. It's all mental. Because you're really just going to work or something!
  5. Always Eyeball Your Liquor When Mixing a Drink. Come on… don't measure it. Don't be anal like that. Relax. Don't let yourself be beholden to measuring out the booze for your next whiskey sour. You'll soon notice the freedom that you feel bleeding over into other areas of your life.
  6. Don't Give Two Shits When Your Kids Fail. Don't get mad. How else will they learn to do real life if you're always pushing & controlling them to cross all the T's and dot the I's? Let them miss a due date when they're young and in your house. If they don't know what that's like before adulting, you'll have a much bigger mess to help them clean up.
  7. Often Carry Around a Paper Coffee Cup. You know, like from a coffee shop. This is an absolute sign that you are getting shit done. You don't have time to make your own damn coffee- you're getting shit done! You have to go to the coffee shop, because you're in the middle of getting shit done, and you need that coffee to get even more shit done.