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    Me: "Would you like that tea sweetened or unsweetened?" // Customer: "What is the difference?" // Me: ...?
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    Customer: I really love the pumpkin spice latte, but I'm looking for something that's not as bitter.
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    Customer: "I'm so tired today. I really need a boost of caffeine." // Me: "Well you're in the right place!" // Customer: "Anyways, can I get a vanilla bean frapp?" // Me: "okay🌝🌝"
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    Customer: "Can I have an extra dry cappuccino with no foam?" // Me: "No...?"
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    Customer: "Can I have an iced mocha with heavy cream and no whip? I'm trying to cut back for my diet."
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    Customer: "Can I have a big wreck on regular bread?" // Me: "...what?" // Customer: "A BIG WRECK ON REGULAR BREAD" // Me: "'am this is Starbucks, not potbelly"
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    (Customer is wearing a trump 2016 hat, already visibly upset. He opens the door and the door squeaks a bit) "IF I'M PAYING FIVE DOLLARS FOR A CUP OF COFFEE, I BETTER NOT BE ASSAULTED BY THE SOUND OF THE DOOR SQUEAKING" // Me: "...Need some coffee?🌚🌚"
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    "Can I have a frappucino, but I don't want it blended."
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    Customer: "Tell the guy behind me in the drive thru that he's an asshole!" Me: "I just work here"
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    (Crying children in the back of the van) Me: "Can I get you anything else today?" Customer: "Unless you sell Xanax in large quantities, no"
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