Because I'm on a long car ride
  1. When people ask how you're doing and then immediately order
    Like you left no time for me to answer sooooo
  2. If you assume I know your drink
    Asking for a "tall vanilla" is not adequate
  3. Ordering from the secret menu
    The secret menu is a secret to me too sooo
  4. Grabbing the wrong drink and making me remake it
    I called out your drink and your name and you still couldn't figure it out
  5. Asking me for water at the handoff plane
    It's cool I'm not trying to make all of the drinks for the people that know how to order correctly
  6. Telling me you wanted a drink iced after I make it.
    I'm smiling because I'm thinking about how comically dumb you are
  7. Ordering 8+ drinks in a drive through.
    You're not just making me angry but literally everyone behind you too