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  1. The good and wholesome danger
    Is the nighness of the singing poet.
  2. The evil and thus keenest danger
    Is thinking itself. It must think against itself, which it can only seldom do
  3. The bad and thus muddled danger
    Is philosophizing
  1. A short goodbye
  2. Is my implicit promise
  3. That one day
  4. We will meet again
  1. Sonic the hedgehog
  2. Holes
  3. Butter
  4. Rings
  1. Don't drink and drive.
    Because you might swallow your straw.
  2. Doing something by accident as opposed to on purpose (which meant what).
    I have admitted to crimes as a child that I didn't actually commit.
  3. That life will be sorted by the time I am 22.
    I was wrong.
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The pizzas I ate today
  1. Prosciutto cotto e funghi
    Very good 9/10. Mushrooms particularly excited me.
  2. Pollo e pesto
    Also very good 8/10. Light zucchinis (I'm not sure how to spell zucchini).
  3. Side note - bocconcini is a type of cheese
    Alice wishes to feature in this list as a reminder.
Silent because only I will ever read this.
  1. V Iced Coffee volume has decreased from 600ml to 500ml to cater to their new 500ml Iced Chocolate line.
    But the price still remains $4.80
  2. Having one exam on the very last day of exam schedules is never favourable to personal study routines.
    But I am definitely not complaining.
  3. Caffeine tolerance declination is inevitable when two weeks are spent at home with the sole purpose of idling about.
    Hence these (now 1:57am) observations.
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