Silent because only I will ever read this.
  1. V Iced Coffee volume has decreased from 600ml to 500ml to cater to their new 500ml Iced Chocolate line.
    But the price still remains $4.80
  2. Having one exam on the very last day of exam schedules is never favourable to personal study routines.
    But I am definitely not complaining.
  3. Caffeine tolerance declination is inevitable when two weeks are spent at home with the sole purpose of idling about.
    Hence these (now 1:57am) observations.
  4. A personal boycott against V by choosing to purchase Mammoth Iced Coffee in the end probably has not achieved anything.
    Munchy Mart still won in the end.
  5. Tablets in 1998 were considered light-weight if they were around 1-2kgs.
    Thanks HCI readings.