"Charlotte Shane" and “Coketalk” are two anonymous bloggers who I read devotedly in high school. Their day jobs are escort and corporate exec, respectively. I made a list that puts these badass writers side by side (Aka ghost wrote the script for a dinner party I would love to have)
  1. On wealth: “There’s no intrinsic value in not talking about it... The truth of my richness remains, and the richness of those who have made me rich endures and expands. Silence benefits only those on top" - CS
  2. "The guys asking for a dollar outside the 7/11 aren’t your enemy. Aim your animosity upward. The guys earning net profit off your labor are the ones taking money out of your pocket. That’s your true enemy. That’s who should be pissing you off" - CT
  3. On the rocky road to satisfying sex: "Lots of [my clients] had grown up so confused and undereducated about the female anatomy that they hardly even had a sense of what sensations might feel best or what activities were most satisfying” - CS
  4. "Communicate your needs. Use your goddamn words. Show him how you like it, and then give him a chance to bring some A-game" - CT
  5. On knowing your shit: "Being unconcerned with facts is just plain bad activism... Advocating the use of false facts is breathtakingly irresponsible, dishonest, unethical, and damaging to one’s own cause—if the cause is truly improving the lives of a disadvantaged group of people” - CS
  6. "It’s bad enough when willful ignorance is the byproduct of some dogmatic belief system, but it’s absolutely repulsive when it’s a voluntary act by an intelligent person who just can’t be bothered.” - CT
  7. On not being a condescending asshole: "[Sex workers] don’t need another 'sensitively-written' profile... We need mainstream articles about condom confiscation, about travel restrictions placed on prostitutes, and about the profound lack of action by police regarding the Gilgo Beach murders” - CS
  8. "I know sex workers with more feminism in their clit rings than you’ve got in your entire gender studies department” - CT
  9. More Charlotte: http://bit.ly/1QKgSaK More Coketalk: http://bit.ly/1SAwScZ