1. That I got bug guts on my hand
  2. That I got bug guts on the wall
  3. That bugs have guts
  4. That the (now) dead bug will magically revive and transform into a giant monster bug
  5. That magic monster bug will come back to kill me and everyone I love
  6. That dead, soon-to-be monster bug's alive bug friends (also soon-to-be monsters) saw what I have done and are going to swarm my mouth while I slumber
  7. That I'm going to remember that tiny crushing noise forever
  8. That I'm going to kill another bug
  9. That I constantly abuse my sovereign powers as a human at the top of the food chain 🍔🍕🍗🍖🍳
  10. That God is real and mad about my violent tendencies against nature
    (See: grass-pulling and not really recycling properly)
  11. Mostly the magic monster bug transformation murder thing