I wrote this on Oct. 21st, after a few weeks of not having many good days. @kellydehoop, in a Kelly way, suggested I focus on the otherwise good ones. I'm going to delete this!
  1. Sep. 23
    Decided who will write for my beloved sketch troupe this year.
  2. Sep. 27
    Caught up with a boy whose face I would kiss (again).
  3. Sep. 29
    Celebrated my brave mom's birthday, and who she is, by going to look at art and eat food.
  4. Oct. 3
    Hung out late at night with friends (comedians) I used to be (and still am) a fan of.
  5. Oct. 11
    Ate breakfast across from a person with whom everyone thinks I am in love, and wondered if I was.
  6. The end of Oct. 20
    Did a fun show, where I was honest about how I was feeling. It was the kind of show that reminded me that comedy can be so grounding. Got ice cream floats with Kelly after.