1. Loud, Bad Storyteller
    Did you see a man with a cute baby? How was the man? Follow-up, how was the baby?
  2. Very Impatient Math Tutor
    Yo, chill about what x equals please! That boy cannot yet grow facial hair!!!
  3. Pointless Headphone Wearer
    I can hear every musical note you can hear!
  4. Sipper McSippster
    Hello, how has your coffee been hot for 2 hours?
  5. Incredibly Mundane Opinion Haver
    "All Steve Jobs did was Apple." "Only SOME bars are cool." "I hate Snapchat."
  6. Hot Guy
  7. The Most Focussed Typer In The World
  8. Boy With Two Too Many Devices
    Make sure your iPad is syncing with your computer and iPhone 6 Plus, baby!!!!!
  9. Lady Whose Style I Was Into But Didn't Say Anything And Regret This
  10. Hot Girl
  11. Hot Girl 2
  12. Literally Santa Claus
  13. Hot Girl 3
  14. Pretty Judgmental Loser For Someone Who Has Sat Here All Day And Accomplished Nothing
    This one is me!