Is this for a fun new flick on Netflix or an online ad by a 30-year old male comedian in Toronto with a torrented version of photoshop on his computer! 19 in 27 people won't know the answer! Can YOU figure it out????
  1. An all-female show? A Japanese Bring It On???
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    Which is more likely?
  2. A group of friends in hell? A group of friends who do monthly improv together?
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    Same diff
  3. Who is that beautiful person in the middle and how does her face fit SO perfectly into that body????
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  4. Feature? Comedy? Featured comedy????
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    Either way, for sure cultural appropriation!
  5. Quirky bodies for a quirky show or just a straight up cartoon?
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  6. Special Halloween show last week at the comedy bar? Or, campy Asian horror film from?!
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  7. I really respect mature women in comedy
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  8. Is this man a comedy host or a movie star! It is so hard to tell the difference.
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    Both with narratives about a white male!
  9. Going on an adventure!
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  10. Yikes.
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  11. Low budget, B-movie or hilarious comedy troupe wearing verrrrry believable costumes?!
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  12. Another all-Asian line-up!? What are the odds!
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  13. Whatever this is, I could not tell you what it's about.
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  14. Is this the same guy from #8
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    Sadly, no.