Is this for a fun new flick on Netflix or an online ad by a 30-year old male comedian in Toronto with a torrented version of photoshop on his computer! 19 in 27 people won't know the answer! Can YOU figure it out????
  1. An all-female show? A Japanese Bring It On???
    Which is more likely?
  2. A group of friends in hell? A group of friends who do monthly improv together?
    Same diff
  3. Who is that beautiful person in the middle and how does her face fit SO perfectly into that body????
  4. Feature? Comedy? Featured comedy????
    Either way, for sure cultural appropriation!
  5. Quirky bodies for a quirky show or just a straight up cartoon?
  6. Special Halloween show last week at the comedy bar? Or, campy Asian horror film from?!
  7. I really respect mature women in comedy
  8. Is this man a comedy host or a movie star! It is so hard to tell the difference.
    Both with narratives about a white male!
  9. Going on an adventure!
  10. Yikes.
  11. Low budget, B-movie or hilarious comedy troupe wearing verrrrry believable costumes?!
  12. Another all-Asian line-up!? What are the odds!
  13. Whatever this is, I could not tell you what it's about.
  14. Is this the same guy from #8
    Sadly, no.