(DISCLAIMER: uh oh! this craaaaazy girl is talkin' PERIODS) I am ✨so✨ thankful for all the varying sizes (light, regular, super, that's it) available for me to momentarily stall the gushing blood that exits my crazy feminine and very beautiful body. Here are other, comparable items I might use instead for probably little to no difference.
  1. •
    Saran Wrapping my whole body
    I would hope this might double as a form-improving spanx of sorts
  2. •
    So soft! 💪🏽👍🏾
  3. •
    Empty toilet paper roll cardboard
    Cheap alternative, not very different than tampons
  4. •
    Sitting over a medium size bowl for a few days
    Pretty time consuming but I do have many junk emails I would LOVE to rid my inbox of during this chill vacay
  5. •
    Plain White T's
    The band!
  6. •
    Potted plant
    Eco-friendly, recycling, etc
  7. •
    More blood
    Omg, Celeste, keep it PC!!!!
  8. •
    My hand
    A little messy, but overall much more comfortable
  9. •
    Economical, comfy, and would help me accept and acknowledge my, again very beautiful, body's natural, God-given inclination