1. So good to see you.
  2. What are you doing here?
  3. How's your family? Good?
  4. SO good to see you.
  5. We should for SURE grab coffee soon.
  6. Yeah, let me give you my number.
  7. Should I put in my fax number here too? HAHAHAH. I'm just joking.
  8. It really is really good to see you.
  9. Hey did you ever buy that new notebook you said you were going to?
  10. Oh, remember, two Octobers ago, when you maybe thought you were going to buy a blue notebook because you playfully joked that red was a little "too" fitting for our Soviet Union and Society class?
  11. Did you ever get it? The blue?
  12. Notebook?
  13. No? Hahahah
  14. Hahahahhah
  15. Ha
  16. HahahahhaahyahahahahajHAH
  17. Hahahjahahh
  18. Haa..
  19. Ha, weird, and totally too specific to remember or be sure. You're so right. Or, are you too left? Like socialism? The Soviet Union?
  20. I don't even really remember either. Just like a vague thought now I don't know. Was it red? Maybe not even. Haha weird.
  21. Your mom, how's your mom doing?
  22. I saw that you're on tinder!
  23. Okay, for sure, no I'm late too! Alright, take it easy!
  24. Happy birthday!