People always tell me about the crazy girls they know and, from what I can tell, here are other things about all of them!
  1. She's assertive
    A girl is taking the lead in a situation that requires a leader? She! Is! Crazy!
  2. She's honest
    A girl just told you how she was feeling for real? Damn that girl is crazy.
  3. She's sad
    A girl is emotionally aware and in touch with her feelings? Crying perhaps? Crazy beytch!
  4. She likes to talk to/hang out/sleep with boys
    She sounds both desperate and crazy.
  5. She's funny
    Why does that girl say everything so sarcastically?? She subverts everything? She's quick?? Could it be because she is crazy??????
  6. She's quiet
    That girl doesn't speak up as much as other girls, she must be KERAZy.
  7. She's confident
    That girl speaks up MORE than other girls? Shut your mouth, ya crazy?????
  8. She's crazy
    Some people ARE crazy, some of those people are girls (many are not).
  9. She's a girl
    Sounds crazy.