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  1. Doctor Who
  2. Back to the future 2 and how stupid it was for kids to wear their pockets inside out.
  3. Being a Bronie...and proud
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  1. Pictures of disgusting graphic photo shopped images instructing you to type "Amen"- you do know this is how hackers find you? Right?
  2. "God saw you struggling, he says it's over, send this to 896559 people" -In the 80's this was called a chain letter, in the 90's a pyramid scheme. Sure, just share my info and put me in the radar of whomever you want cyber psycho
  3. Selling your multi level market product- you're not the only one Boo, sorry. Know your audience and believe you are one of many selling the same thing.
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A couple gems from people older and or more accomplished then myself
  1. "You can't argue with a sign post"- a southern(ish) phrase meaning basically what ever false opinion a person has formed about you, you can't convince them otherwise so don't even fucking try
  2. "It's not what people call you, it's what you answer to"- 'excuse me ugly woman that obviously has the body of a thinner, prettier, smarter woman you could never compete with that you murdered out of jealousy in your trunk...do you have the time?' We've already established they are NOT talking to me
  3. "When someone shows you who they are believe them"- people are in some way gonna fall short of your expectations and that's fine. They are still lovable. Some are just pieces of shit though. So just chuck up the deuces, do a hair flip, lose their number and call it a day
I amuse myself almost alarmingly easy so I take a lot of dumb pictures
  1. B- When I first got out of my cast after surgery. I broke my ankle and my fibula at the Great Horror Campout in Griffith Park. I had fun inspite of it and will be going back in 2016
  2. Exhibit A- I think this needs no explanation whatsoever
  3. C- my dog thinking he's a cat on my desk while I watch Howard Stern Show clips
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I was a kid in the 80's and a teen in the 90's. Back when you had to call popcorn for the time so your parents wouldn't hear that late nite call from your friends to sneak out
  1. The pivotal series the played simultaneously in every black house hold
  2. The original Sex and the City
  3. My entire lingo and wardrobe was based solely what these folks brought to the screen every Thursday. Plus all the logic suspension required to believe Gabrielle Carteris was actually a teenager made me grow up to be quite the optimist