1. Pictures of disgusting graphic photo shopped images instructing you to type "Amen"- you do know this is how hackers find you? Right?
  2. "God saw you struggling, he says it's over, send this to 896559 people" -In the 80's this was called a chain letter, in the 90's a pyramid scheme. Sure, just share my info and put me in the radar of whomever you want cyber psycho
  3. Selling your multi level market product- you're not the only one Boo, sorry. Know your audience and believe you are one of many selling the same thing.
  4. Posting memes every ten minutes-I'll take...have an original thought for $1000 please Alex
  5. Airing your dirty laundry- you obviously have no friends here, but you do in Jesus. Go annoy him with all the drama you constantly bring on yourself. No one liked your status cause it made us uncomfortable
  6. Checking in EVERY time you venture outside- you really haven't pieced together this is how randoms know when your house is empty?!?