Books I've Read in 2017

  1. Rupi Kaur - Milk and Honey
  2. Colson Whitehead - The Underground Railroad
  3. George Saunders- Lincoln in the Bardo
    I cried on a plane when I finished it. Takes a bit to get into the rhythm of it but he really brings it home. I plan to reread this likely this year.
  4. Ben Lerner - Leaving the Atocha Station
    This was a breezy enjoyable read about an Ivy League educated poet and a narcissist who reminded me of most of the men I've dated. He's struggling with the identity of being a poet and feelings of being a total fraud while he lives abroad in Spain on a scholarship. I really loved Lerner's prose. Definitely recommend this one.
  5. Margaret Atwood - The Handmaid's Tale
    Truly terrifying how resonant this dystopian novel is in 2017 and all years.
  6. Tana French - The Trespasser
    I love Tana French's mysteries and I have to say this is the worst one by far. It's somehow absent of all the things I like about her books.