I took my first hot yoga class ever at 7am this morning at Y7. The room was heated to between 80 and 90 degrees which is not even that hot compared to that bikram bullshit. I learned it's not for me. Yoga Vida I forever.
  1. Fuck. The back row is already filled up. I'm not a middle row person. Guess I'll try it out but I am NOT cool with this.
  2. It's hot like a dry sauna. I am not a dry sauna person. I prefer the heat of steam.
  3. (Upon lying down) What if I fart during class? I never wake up this early so don't know if my body will be predictable. Does heat make you fart more? I need to pee anyway. Better use the bathroom JIK.
  4. How hot will it get in here? I'm worried.
  5. (Class starts)
  6. The speaker system kind of sucks for a studio whose thing is "hip hop Wednesdays"
  7. Oh this isn't so bad.
  8. Man am I sweating
  9. I can do this.
  10. Standing up is hotter. Feel woozy. Heat rises, duh.
  11. Child's pose.
  12. This transition to warrior two from plank might be what makes me pass out.
  13. Child's pose.
  14. Oh man should I take my shirt off? (Looks around) No one here is wearing only a sports bra. That's so not my move but Jesus is it hot in here. It would feel so much better.
  15. Gonna grin and bear it. But we are all fools. The only way to enjoy this is to be naked.
  16. Have I ever sweat before?
  17. Childs pose.
  18. (Teacher adjusts my child's pose) oh yeah that's the stuff.