When you are your squad post up in Westwood/at Century City Mall / at the Promenade / in the 818
  1. Panda Express at the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square (Saturday lunch)
  2. Humphrey Yogart
    Tart vanilla with cream cheese, blueberries and mint cookies (or Oreos)
  3. Spinach artichoke dip from CPK
  4. Chinese Chicken Salad from CPK
  5. Chinese chicken salad and pan fried dumplings at Chin chin
  6. Pazookie at BJs in Westwood
  7. Diddy Reese cookies
  8. MatzoBall soup from Jerry's Famous Deli
  9. Sushi Mac
    Cheap conveyor belt sushi
  10. Iroha
  11. BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad at CPK
    Suggested by @GRETA
  12. BBQ Chicken Pizza at CPK
    Suggested by @GRETA
  13. Greco's
    Suggested by @chroniclesofballardi
  14. Entire bread basket at Cheesecake Factory
    Suggested by @sally
  15. Iced Blended Vanilla at Coffee Bean
    Suggested by @sam
  16. Chicken Special at Il Tram