This is going to be unpopular but here goes anyway.
  1. Crystals.
    C'mon, rich women. That tiny hunk of Quartz? Not helping your digestion or whatever.
  2. Juice cleansing as a really body detox. I buy it as a mental one. Or just a fun way to spend a lot of money on juice.
  3. Non celiac gluten free.
    Sorry I'm not sorry.
  4. Ghosts.
    No way, dude.
  5. Multivitamins
    Modern snake oil
  6. Most other non-vitamin supplements.
    NY attorney general recently investigated the supplements at Target and Walgreens and almost none of them contained what the label claimed they did.
  7. GMOs are bad for you.
    Show me the proof, chipotle!
  8. In short, all of these are part of a new age eating disorder that provide the illusion of control IMHO.
  9. Will I get blacklisted from ListApp for this?
  10. Guys sometimes you just need to eat a fully loaded burger and chilllllllll. Love your body. Accept that digestion makes your tummy hurt. Your body is working to break down a full burger and yes it might feel weird and you may fart.
  11. Bread forever.
  12. If you want to disprove any of these please take to the comments! I am open minded.