I'm Thinking of Getting Into

What are you considering getting into? Hobbies, food, books whatever else you are on the cusp of committing to.
  1. Audible aka books on tape
    Mostly because of @Grosstastic's lists and enthusiasm
  2. Waking up early
    I live in NYC so stay up late all the time but if I'm honest about it I'm an early riser. I hate waking up and rushing.
  3. Movies instead of TV
    Lately watching TV feels like a to do list in an unpleasant way. But first I have to finish Jessica Jones because it's so good.
  4. Not spending money
    I'm about to leave my job and go freelance
  5. Keeping plants alive
    I used to hate indoor plants. they've grown on me.
  6. Solo traveling
    I've never done it.
  7. Watching horror movies by myself
    I want to watch the descent but no one wants to watch it with me. But I know it will give me nightmares.
  8. Buying a house
    Wouldn't it be cool if I could afford to buy a house? Long term goal.
  9. Scrambled eggs
    Historically not a fave but I've had a few soft scrambles that have piqued my interest.
  10. Journaling
    I used to journal a lot as a kid but stopped once blogging hit. Now I want to get back into it, especially because I think 2016 is going to be cool for me.
    Suggested by   @sabrinakristine
  11. Open mic poetry.
    Because I'm too frightened to try stand-up comedy.
    Suggested by   @andersun
  12. The gym
    I've tried twice, never lasts..
    Suggested by   @brendang
  13. Allergy shots
    Tired of suffering 😷😤
    Suggested by   @penguinchrissy
  14. Drawing.
    I'm going to take a drawing class. I like sketching stuff, but so far it's mostly stick figures and I want to be better.
    Suggested by   @pili_ervin
  15. Running
    I'd like to be one of those people that get a thrill from that exhaustion and adrenaline after a big outdoor run. At the moment, I get tired thinking of the treadmill
    Suggested by   @helenab
  16. Committing to a passion project: saving the animals.
    Still needs some narrowing/focus, but I'm already brainstorming (sustainable) ways to align this work with my career.
    Suggested by   @ashsevans
  17. Rock climbing
    There's an indoor rock climbing gym near my house that I've never checked out, but I think I should. It would probably be better exercise than the zero exercise I'm currently doing.
    Suggested by   @emilysullivan
  18. Automotive restoration
    It's been decades long dream of mine and I finally took the leap and bought a classic car to restore.
    Suggested by   @hjgjhhh
  19. American Sign Language
    Suggested by   @eclecticmouse
  20. College (at 41, ughhhh. Writing it down is making me rethink it though 🤓😳)
    Suggested by   @alimi
  21. Learning to code
    Suggested by   @jenmyers
  22. Running
    It's free and seems calming?!
    Suggested by   @anniepebbles
  23. Shaving my face regularly
    It has been about 9 years since I've done that...
    Suggested by   @CleftEffect
  24. Buying Vinyl
    Suggested by   @dylandeweese
  25. Swimming as a sport
    Suggested by   @dylandeweese
  26. Computers.
    I'm 20 years old and struggle understanding basic technology.
    Suggested by   @twisty
  27. Sewing
    I just feel like - couldn't I do more on my own? Make that damn apron I want. Save money on needless throw pillows I really need. Fix my button-challenged shirts.
    Suggested by   @sarahmavor
  28. Actually decorating my space
    About to move into a fairly permanent apartment situation and my plan is to actually decorate this time!
    Suggested by   @sammmreid
  29. Japanese, finally
    Suggested by   @sl
  30. YouTube instead of Cable
    The more a flip around the dial, the more I realize that even though I have 300 channels, there's not much on. But when I'm on YouTube, there's always something interesting to watch.
    Suggested by   @aaronwilson
  31. Stretching!
    I've been meaning to stretch every day. I used to be super flexible and I wanna get back to that
    Suggested by   @rebeskt
  32. Being an art major
    Really double-majoring in Spanish and art. The most daunting part is telling my parents; my dad is not going to be pleased. I know art is not "practical" route, but not every person's calling is practical and stable like yours, dad.
    Suggested by   @moonjockey
  33. Podcasts
    There's so many awesome podcasts out there, but it seems so overwhelming to find the right ones for me. I dipped my toe in with Serial a few months ago, and now I'm excited to branch out!
    Suggested by   @mrush
  34. Writing in my journal every day. I did it daily until about a year ago, and I want to get back to it.
    Suggested by   @jesserker
  35. Crocheting--I've tried several times, but forget how once I put it down for awhile. I want to be proficient, at least.
    Suggested by   @hippiechick
  36. Archery.
    This girl is on fire.
    Suggested by   @kcupcaker
  37. Stand up comedy
    Terrified. And likely too normcore to be funny. Wait, can a person be normcore?
    Suggested by   @cyrkenstein
  38. Creating some passive income and getting out of this crazy rat race.
    Suggested by   @dustinbajer
  39. Improv
    Think it would help with small talk/conversation making. [I'm an introvert] Is there an app for that???
    Suggested by   @cma
  40. Trying
    Or caring
    Suggested by   @franki
  41. Going vegan
    But, I live in Birmingham, Alabama where we LOVE our meat. And fried everything. Plus, my husband would never go there with me. And, what about my little kids?
    Suggested by   @kdogg150
  42. CrossFit
    ....because, why not!?
    Suggested by   @inakiroza
  43. Chess?
    Suggested by   @yancyeaton
  44. Blogging and starting a legit schedule I stick to
    I've wanted to blog consistently for ages, I just need to get out there and do it. Also I have to get a regular exercise routine going.
    Suggested by   @RachelApproved
  45. Golf
    Finding it extremely relevant to learn to play as a woman in a sales profession
    Suggested by   @slnrz5
  46. Start a YouTube Channel
    I'm always watching content on YouTube and made a couple channels to mess around on in the past. I would like to seriously create some quality content of my own and stick with it.
    Suggested by   @WierzAndrew
  47. If thinking about getting involved in rock climbing contact your local Climbing Gym and sign up for a private lesson best way to do it!
    Suggested by   @ClimbFit
  48. Giving up my sugar addiction.
    Suggested by   @libbyinsingapore