What are you considering getting into? Hobbies, food, books whatever else you are on the cusp of committing to.
  1. Audible aka books on tape
    Mostly because of @Grosstastic's lists and enthusiasm
  2. Waking up early
    I live in NYC so stay up late all the time but if I'm honest about it I'm an early riser. I hate waking up and rushing.
  3. Movies instead of TV
    Lately watching TV feels like a to do list in an unpleasant way. But first I have to finish Jessica Jones because it's so good.
  4. Not spending money
    I'm about to leave my job and go freelance
  5. Keeping plants alive
    I used to hate indoor plants. they've grown on me.
  6. Solo traveling
    I've never done it.
  7. Watching horror movies by myself
    I want to watch the descent but no one wants to watch it with me. But I know it will give me nightmares.
  8. Buying a house
    Wouldn't it be cool if I could afford to buy a house? Long term goal.
  9. Scrambled eggs
    Historically not a fave but I've had a few soft scrambles that have piqued my interest.
  10. Journaling
    I used to journal a lot as a kid but stopped once blogging hit. Now I want to get back into it, especially because I think 2016 is going to be cool for me.
    Suggested by @sabrinakristine
  11. Open mic poetry.
    Because I'm too frightened to try stand-up comedy.
    Suggested by @andersun
  12. The gym
    I've tried twice, never lasts..
    Suggested by @brendang
  13. Allergy shots
    Tired of suffering 😷😤
    Suggested by @penguinchrissy
  14. Drawing.
    I'm going to take a drawing class. I like sketching stuff, but so far it's mostly stick figures and I want to be better.
    Suggested by @pili_ervin
  15. Running
    I'd like to be one of those people that get a thrill from that exhaustion and adrenaline after a big outdoor run. At the moment, I get tired thinking of the treadmill
    Suggested by @helenab
  16. Committing to a passion project: saving the animals.
    Still needs some narrowing/focus, but I'm already brainstorming (sustainable) ways to align this work with my career.
    Suggested by @ashsevans
  17. Rock climbing
    There's an indoor rock climbing gym near my house that I've never checked out, but I think I should. It would probably be better exercise than the zero exercise I'm currently doing.
    Suggested by @emilysullivan
  18. Automotive restoration
    It's been decades long dream of mine and I finally took the leap and bought a classic car to restore.
    Suggested by @hjgjhhh
  19. American Sign Language
    Suggested by @eclecticmouse
  20. College (at 41, ughhhh. Writing it down is making me rethink it though 🤓😳)
    Suggested by @alimi
  21. Learning to code
    Suggested by @jenmyers
  22. Running
    It's free and seems calming?!
    Suggested by @anniepebbles
  23. Shaving my face regularly
    It has been about 9 years since I've done that...
    Suggested by @CleftEffect
  24. Buying Vinyl
    Suggested by @dylandeweese
  25. Swimming as a sport
    Suggested by @dylandeweese
  26. Computers.
    I'm 20 years old and struggle understanding basic technology.
    Suggested by @twisty
  27. Sewing
    I just feel like - couldn't I do more on my own? Make that damn apron I want. Save money on needless throw pillows I really need. Fix my button-challenged shirts.
    Suggested by @sarahmavor
  28. Actually decorating my space
    About to move into a fairly permanent apartment situation and my plan is to actually decorate this time!
    Suggested by @sammmreid
  29. Japanese, finally
    Suggested by @sl
  30. YouTube instead of Cable
    The more a flip around the dial, the more I realize that even though I have 300 channels, there's not much on. But when I'm on YouTube, there's always something interesting to watch.
    Suggested by @aaronwilson
  31. Stretching!
    I've been meaning to stretch every day. I used to be super flexible and I wanna get back to that
    Suggested by @rebeskt
  32. Being an art major
    Really double-majoring in Spanish and art. The most daunting part is telling my parents; my dad is not going to be pleased. I know art is not "practical" route, but not every person's calling is practical and stable like yours, dad.
    Suggested by @moonjockey
  33. Podcasts
    There's so many awesome podcasts out there, but it seems so overwhelming to find the right ones for me. I dipped my toe in with Serial a few months ago, and now I'm excited to branch out!
    Suggested by @mrush
  34. Writing in my journal every day. I did it daily until about a year ago, and I want to get back to it.
    Suggested by @jesserker
  35. Crocheting--I've tried several times, but forget how once I put it down for awhile. I want to be proficient, at least.
    Suggested by @hippiechick
  36. Archery.
    This girl is on fire.
    Suggested by @kcupcaker
  37. Stand up comedy
    Terrified. And likely too normcore to be funny. Wait, can a person be normcore?
    Suggested by @cyrkenstein
  38. Creating some passive income and getting out of this crazy rat race.
    Suggested by @dustinbajer
  39. Improv
    Think it would help with small talk/conversation making. [I'm an introvert] Is there an app for that???
    Suggested by @cma
  40. Trying
    Or caring
    Suggested by @franki
  41. Going vegan
    But, I live in Birmingham, Alabama where we LOVE our meat. And fried everything. Plus, my husband would never go there with me. And, what about my little kids?
    Suggested by @kdogg150
  42. CrossFit
    ....because, why not!?
    Suggested by @inakiroza
  43. Chess?
    Suggested by @yancyeaton
  44. Blogging and starting a legit schedule I stick to
    I've wanted to blog consistently for ages, I just need to get out there and do it. Also I have to get a regular exercise routine going.
    Suggested by @RachelApproved
  45. Golf
    Finding it extremely relevant to learn to play as a woman in a sales profession
    Suggested by @slnrz5
  46. Start a YouTube Channel
    I'm always watching content on YouTube and made a couple channels to mess around on in the past. I would like to seriously create some quality content of my own and stick with it.
    Suggested by @WierzAndrew
  47. If thinking about getting involved in rock climbing contact your local Climbing Gym and sign up for a private lesson best way to do it!
    Suggested by @ClimbFit
  48. Giving up my sugar addiction.
    Suggested by @libbyinsingapore