Toddy Cold brew is the perfect iced coffee. For me, stumptown is slightly too sweet, intelligencia is pretty good but has an edge I don't like, and dunkin iced is too watery. My favorite non home brewed iced is from Jacks in NYC. I hate the New Orleans iced at Blue Bottle- it makes me so jittery. Explaining so you can orient yourselves.
  1. You need a toddy cold brew system. I think it costs $40 but pays for itself after ten iced coffees.
  2. A digital scale.
  3. Coffee! My preferred beans are Citarella house blend coarsely ground. I buy two bags at once. Pre ground because I'm lazy.
  4. Plug the toddy with the cork.
  5. Wet the filter and put it in the filter spot in the bottom.
  6. Place a medium bowl on the scale. Tare it to zero.
  7. Pour one cup of cold water into the bottom of the toddy.
  8. Measure 6oz ground coffee in the bowl. It's so easy with a scale! Pour into the toddy.
  9. In a circular motion pour 3 cups water over the grounds.
  10. Measure and pour 6 more ounces grounds into the toddy.
  11. Wait 5 minutes.
  12. Pour final three cups water over the grounds.
  13. Press grounds with back of a spoon to make sure they're all wet.
  14. Brew overnight (8-12 hours)
  15. Next morning, drain the coffee by pulling the plug and placing the toddy over the glass carafe it comes with.
  16. Now you have cold brew concentrate. I pour into an 8 oz glass, half coffee and half milk. You can add milk or water to taste.
  17. It's the perfect iced coffee- strong but smooth and delicious.
  18. ☕️☕️☕️☕️ on ice.