I loved this show and watched religiously until about 2009 when they ran three seasons in a row and I burned out on it.
  1. Wade Robson
    There's only one. Arguably the man who started it all (it being televised dancing worth watching). The other man in Cry Me A River. Left SYTYCD for DWTS.
  2. Mia Michaels
    Oh Mia. The bench routine, for one. She is Celine Dion's choreographer of choice. She always has good vibes emanating from her drapey outfits.
  3. Nappy Tabs
    The Bleeding Heart By Leona Lewis routine is in my top 3 all time favorites. Napoleon and Tabitha always choose to tell a story. They use props to great effect. Also they're a couple!!!
  4. Sonya Tayeh
    I saw her once at a Nederlans Dans performance and fan girl'd her. Similar to Mia in style but with sharper edges.
  5. Travis Wall
    Still the best dancer to come out of this show. Season 2 winner. His choreographic turns are excellent.
  6. Mandy Moore
    Solid EDGE instructor showing on this show. Hard for me to rank her higher than the other aces on this list, but Mandy's straight up jazz routines are always fun.
  7. Shane Sparks
    Enjoyable hip hop! But lacks the clear narrative of a Nappytabs routine.
  8. Tyce Diorio
    A Broadway cheeseball with an occasionally good contemporary routine.
  9. Tony Meredith
    I will never understand how anyone becomes a ballroom dancer. He has a face like wax.