Williamsburg is slowly consuming itself. It's a hipster ouroboros. Dispatches from the L train as I journeyed from 3rd Ave to the Bedford stop and back again.
  1. This graffiti.
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    Where the L train meets Manhattan at the 3rd ave stop (on a Ted 2 poster).
  2. These shoes.
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    Fancy brogues
  3. Subway peformer: cellist. Young white male.
  4. Beige baggu backpack on chic minimalist commuter.
    The Pinterest palate
  5. This overheard (very drunk) conversation. "I'm keeping all these personalities afloat and no one wants to give me credit. They'd all drown without me." "Women are martyrs. From the day we're born we're martyrs."
    Preach, I guess.
  6. Subway performer: magician. Young white male.
  7. Subway whatever this is. Young white male.
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  8. Seen from another angle. I donated $1 to take this picture. He handed me his card.
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    The stuff of nightmares.
  9. Let's zoom in on this.
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  10. His card.
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    Of course.
  11. Screen grab of his homepage
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    This all checks out.
  12. One panel of a comic from the section "comics."
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    Too on the nose
  13. The chart you get when you click the section "commissions"
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    Needs improvement.
  14. Subway breakdancing.
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    A welcome respite from the bullshit.