Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  1. So this happened yesterday.
  2. And today my bilingual classes were empty. In one class only eleven students, in classes with usually 25.
    I asked the kids what was up, not even considering anything from yesterday. A little girl came up and asked if I've seen "the noticias". And then I realized.
  3. And my heart broke. These families are afraid to send their children to school? How is this okay? How is it okay for families, young children, to live in fear of being separated from one another?
    I read that at least one student in the school district will likely be separated from a parent due to these raids. This can easily happen to many of my students.
  4. I guess it was an issue district-wide, so the superintendent asked that the schools send this home today.
  5. I just don't understand. I'm so upset.