1. For at least two years, probably longer, I have been trying to read this book.
  2. I'd take it on flights. I get a lot of reading done while flying. I usually take two books in case I finish one. I'd read a page or so of this and get sleepy. Or bored and read the other book instead.
  3. It wasn't until my recent flights that this book finally got super interesting.
  4. Then life got crazy and I didn't have time to read.
  5. But I finally, finally was able to finish it tonight.
  6. I was on the page before the last. I often like to turn to the last page of the chapter I'm reading to see how many more pages I have and to kind of accidentally see what is to come.
    What kind of human am I?
  7. So I did that just now and saw THE END.
    And had a mini heart attack. Whaaaat? I didn't think I was there yet! Already???
  8. Ugh. Winston.