In descending order, but they're all so important to me! These are all things that I regrettably don't make enough time for, but oh how I love them so! Thank you for this list request!
  1. Traveling
    Being in a plane, on the road, new sights and sounds, landscapes and skylines, going somewhere new, somewhere I've been countless times... It always leads to new ways to experience life for me.
  2. Physical activity
    Running especially, but any kind of exercise will do! I very recently started moving a lot more again (doing Insanity Thoughts on the Insanity Workout). I'm currently feeling like I can't walk or sit, but when I get back in the swing of things...
  3. Listening to music
    It just makes me feel so human and can evoke a variety of emotions in people within mere seconds. And it's amazing how music can make all human beings feel so differently and so strongly. It's such a beautiful thing.
  4. Playing music
    I can't even describe the feeling I get while I'm playing music, alone or in an ensemble, or singing something that means something to me. That feeling is definitely something we as humans are so incredibly lucky to feel. I really need to find more time for this in particular.
  5. Love from those I love.
    Self explanatory. I feel so alive when I feel loved. ❤️❤️❤️