Inspired by @dreadpiratemama. It's so much easier to dislike things about myself, which I wish wasn't true. There are more things than I'd like to have on this list, but it's probably good so that I'm not so down on myself for not being able to make a things I like about myself list!
  1. My hair
    Okay, I hate my hair.
  2. BUT I've got some pretty nice natural curls, and even though it's terribly fine, at least there's some texture to it. And it's not at all unmanageable and very easy in the mornings, provided I have enough time to let it air dry properly.
  3. My skin
    So this stems from the fact that until like five years ago, I wished I was a whiter version of myself. I don't know why, but it's a thing I felt for a long time. 😳 Except when I was four. I was cool w my skin tone then bc there was this one other Hispanic girl who had a darker complexion. I distinctly remember thinking, "whew! Glad I'm not as dark as she is!" At four! WTF? Who the hell am I?? Where did those thoughts come from?? Not my family! Too many white Disney princesses???
  4. BUT now I know that my skin tone really is perfect for me (and also that dark skin is GORGEOUS and now I'm so jealous of it). I'm also lucky that my skin itself has been clear, even, and naturally moisturized my entire life despite my serious lack of care for it. I've only now began caring for it for fun, not out of necessity, which is very lucky.
  5. My eyebrows
    Okay, they're so annoying and just not great. They're naturally pretty sparse and I just really think thick eyebrows are so beautiful. On women and men.
  6. BUT I can literally do nothing to them (AKA I literally do nothing to them) and they're presentable. They've got a decent shape and don't ever get unruly and messy. There are like three stray hairs and I wish they were thicker, but whatever. Nothing some sort of product and tweezers couldn't fix if I really cared that much.
  7. My eyes
    Okay, like they're boring and brown. Nothing special. And I have permanent dark circles.
  8. BUT it's not the most boring brown in the world. They're a bit brighter than your average brown, which is nice. I wish they were even brighter, but that's okay. And they have a nice shape. And the dark circles aren't so bad.
  9. My nose
  10. BUT okay, it's fine. And it suits me. Like I really go between absolutely hating it and thinking it's fine. And even though today is a hate it day, it's really fine. It really is.
  11. My lips
    Like they're whatever and nothing special.
  12. BUT they're a nice color naturally, and have a good shape I think. I'm really glad they're not too thin and they make a pretty cute smile sometimes.
  13. My teeth
    I HATE my teeth. I have a front gap and I hate it. They're just spacey and I hate it. And I never got braces as a child and I'm upset.
  14. BUT they're straight which is why I couldn't get braces and they're a part of my smile, which has been complimented fairly frequently, so I guess that makes them okay.
  15. My jaw/chin
  16. BUT okay, this is actually okay. I'll have a square face no matter what I do and square's not so bad. And I usually actually like my jawline. The sharper the better for me. I'm all about those angles.
  17. My voice
    While we're in the area though, sometimes I think my voice is the most obnoxious thing I've ever heard.
  18. BUT sometimes this one is hard to defend and maybe this is why I'm so quiet? The nice thing is with my singing voice, at least I have good, accurate pitch. Unfortunately that doesn't help me feel better about the tone quality, but it's fine. My speaking voice is also fine as long as I don't allow it to creep up too high. Really, usually it's okay.
  19. My hands/fingers
    Just... what? I don't even understand how they create the strangest shapes. And people (my students) are always pointing out how they bend strangely and just are weird.
  20. BUT they're still cute, even though they do crazy shit whenever they do anything. And some hands are gross. Not mine. And I like that my fingers are weird and long (for my hands) because it makes instrument playing easier (not much, but imagine if I had fingers proportional to my small hands).
  21. My boobs
    Like they're just kinda big for me and it makes me self conscious sometimes. It also makes wearing certain styles of clothing either impossible or unflattering, which is upsetting. Or inappropriate if I'm not careful.
  22. BUT like they're not too big (usually), and why do I even complain? It's really not a problem. Shut up, Celeste.
  23. My stomach
    Okay me and my stomach have been the worst enemies my whole entire life, since I stopped being a super scrawny kid in like fourth grade. I stayed small, but got curves early.
  24. BUT I look back at pictures and I'm like, "Oh. It's fine." And even though I NEVER feel like it is at any given moment and literally have never ever felt that way in real time, it's seriously fine and NOT BAD AT ALL.
  25. My legs
    Actually I'm usually good about my legs, but it took me a while to get there. I'm not super pleased with them right now though because I've been way too lazy and you can tell.
  26. BUT they're still pretty strong considering and have maintained a good shape despite not doing anything. Not as good as they could be currently, but I can fix that.
  27. My arms
    Whoops forgot. I mean, they're just whatever and I wish they weren't so weak. I am back to the point where I can't do a real push up which is funny but also sad.
  28. BUT again, not so much now, but they'll be good again someday, and even if they don't change, they're okay.
  29. My feet
    UGH. I HATE FEET. I don't like my feet but, when we're talking feet out of everyone else in the entire world, I think mine win, because I HATE OTHER PEOPLE'S FEET.
  30. BUT even though I hate them, my feet are also little and kind of cute. Just like don't touch them. Even with socks. And in fact, always wear shoes. Everyone. Ugh.
  31. My butt
    Like? I don't know. I just feel weird about it sometimes?
  32. BUT it is pretty good. Really good when I wear jeans. I just never wear jeans so I forget that it's pretty good.
  33. Lol. The end.