1. For the past few hours, my cat has randomly started meowing her head off from a different room.
    I've been playing guitar and uke and singing. Maybe she hates that song?
  2. My other cat has been asleep through it all.
  3. And I wondered after checking on her for the tenth time:
    Do you think all cats understand each other?
  4. My cats are not the same breed, but... Can cats always understand one another? Humans can't always understand one other, so why expect that of cats? Maybe it's like they're from different countries.
  5. Like LC speaks German and Cooper speaks Chinese?
    LC is the one yelling and has a very harsh sounding meow. And Cooper looks like Sagwa.
  6. So there's just a total disconnect and that's why he's remained asleep?
    Though if I heard screaming, it'd most definitely wake me up, even if I have no idea what is being said.
  7. ...
  8. ...
  9. ...
    Who knows.