1. â€ĸ
    I'm such an idiot.
  2. â€ĸ
    I was quickly watering my fucking plants.
  3. â€ĸ
    Under said plants sits a stack of my most favorite albums.
    Either because they get a lot of use and it's easier to grab them from there, or I just stupidly decided that was a great spot.
  4. â€ĸ
    My stupid plants' drainage saucer starts leaking.
  5. â€ĸ
    Down, down, down the leg of my secretary desk goes the water.
  6. â€ĸ
    Onto much of my Suf, my signed Ben Folds...
  7. â€ĸ
    The actual vinyl is fine I think. Except in a panic, I tried to towel off my prized ones:
    Silver and Gold kept in its shipping box for safety and my still sealed (thank god) clear Carrie and Lowell.
  8. â€ĸ
    Shipping box got wet and I freaked. And in the process, pulled off some of the cardboard at the corner of Silver and Gold. I think Carrie and Lowell will be okay because it's completely wrapped up still.
  9. â€ĸ
    And then comes my white vinyl copy of So There signed by Ben. The inside of the gatefold got wet because of the plastic I kept all of them in (this is true of everything else), so I opened it to blow dry it.
    And permanently creased my only once before opened, signed copy.
  10. â€ĸ
    Everything else will be fine if I just leave it alone. Took out the vinyl, which wasn't wet. But stupid, stupid me.
  11. â€ĸ
    I'm so upset.
    And angry crying.
  12. â€ĸ
    Update: these two are the worst of them, but Carrie and Lowell (normal, played version, not clear) is quite warped (cover only, thank God).
    As is Yesterday and Today. :(
  13. â€ĸ
    But everyone else has pulled through.
    Including Seven Swans and Past Masters!