1. Praise the Lord
    that I've been running waaaaay low on data (98%) and turned off cellular data for literally everything.
  2. Glory to God
    that when my month started over today and I re-enabled cellular data, I missed iTunes and App Store.
  3. And thank you, Jesus
    that Nashville Airport's wifi was shitty and I had to use my data, thereby missing any opportunity for that sneaky bitch update to happen through wifi, if that's even a thing. And also that my phone has been in airplane mode otherwise.
  4. ...
    And now I disabled automatic updates for List App because... No.
  5. ...
    Non-caps titles? Does it change all of your old lists, updaters? I may have initially habitually used proper capitalization when I first began making lists, but definitely have not for quite some time because... Why bother?