1. So my friend is amazing.
    His name is Jon and he is such a talented musician and a wonderful friend. Also, this is about him, so: SOME OF THE CONFUSING REASONS YOU CONFUSE ME ❤️❓
  2. I'm so glad I got to come visit him this week in particular.
    He's going to play this weekend and I'm so excited!
  3. I'm currently sitting in on a rehearsal for it.
    He's playing violin for this.
  4. It's amazing instrumental music.
    I can't begin to describe how gorgeous everything in this set is.
  5. It's with Abby Gundersen, Noah Gundersen's sister.
    Her music is so, so beautiful. If you haven't heard it, listen.
  6. Seriously. Listen to it.
  7. They're opening for Lemolo at the Triple Door (I think that is accurate information).
    For anyone in Seattle.
  8. Here is a terrible, terrible photo of Jon and Nathan because I don't want to be a disturbance.
  9. And here's Jon and Abby.
  10. So excited for Friday.