Typed out every bullet one at a time, every time I "get a text message"...
  1. The good thing about List App when you really don't like interacting with people is you can pretend that you're texting while you're at a party of a friend who has decided to behave like a college student again when she's turning 27.
  2. Which would be fine if she didn't really do that during her college days (I definitely didn't and never wanted to). But she did.
  3. Maybe I'm just old and crotchety and always have been.
  4. But she's also met a new group of "friends". Who are really not her friends. It's basically because she started sleeping with this guy. Who she obviously really likes but he "doesn't want a girlfriend". Which, that's fine, and she "doesn't want a boyfriend", but I think because he won't.
  5. And she is trying so hard to be cool, in a way that is just not her. I guess that's how she is. She tries so hard to do what she thinks other people think is cool.
  6. And it irritates the fuck out of me and pretty much everything she does is so annoying.
  7. And the guy was in a band, so she thinks that's cool. And "she's a hipster now". (Something she texted my best friend out of the blue. BFF was like 🙄)
  8. Which I don't have a problem with either. I know tons of very talented musicians who are in bands including one of my closest friends, but that has nothing to do with why I love them/him. Like...🙄
  9. Also not a fan of the guy's band though... 🙄
  10. Anyway, I just would never behave like that. I would hope.
  11. But I feel guilty and like I'm being a bitch. I really wanted to not come, but I felt guilty. Even though she left my birthday party (my birthday is on Independence Day) after about fifteen minutes because she was having her own party that I was not at all invited to.
  12. Heard about it from another friend who had the courtesy to stay at my party for longer than fifteen minutes.
  13. Maybe I can just leave. It's been fifteen minutes...