Inspired by @littlegreen, a draft that may be helpful for my Secret Santa to see my aesthetic?
  1. Also, my color scheme is no color. 😳
  2. A print by Deret Roberts. He owns a gallery in town. Sorry about the glare.
  3. Also Deret. I was super surprised and happy when my dear friend Jon bought this for me because we argued over who loved it more between the two of us. I love it. More.
  4. From Ben Folds' new album 'So There' release in Nashville last year. Art done by yMusic's Alex Sopp.
  5. In the middle, my Ben photography. Prints only. Someday I will own something real!
  6. Self-portrait Heinz Hall 2014
  7. Photo by Allan Amato
  8. Bonnaroo 2008
  9. On either side, native New Mexico wild flowers.
    Summer & Fall, Niki Threlkeld, 1992
  10. Spring & Summer, 1990
  11. My newest. Not hung yet. Super cool, rather large and difficult to place piece done and given to me by another one of my dear friends, Miguel.
  12. I love the detail. I'll ask what he did. Definitely involved embroidery and interesting techniques to get the ripples. "Multimedia painting".
  13. Done by me in second grade, haha! I forget this is even hung up anymore.