Inspired by @nikkilounoel
  1. Glasses.
    You've just started wearing glasses, and I love love love me a boy in glasses. This alone should do it.
  2. Olive green, fitted button down.
    It's lovely on you.
  3. Heathered gray slacks
    These are pretty perfect too.
  4. Black double monk strap shoes
    With a cap toe and suede detailing.
  5. Listening in on you being sweet on the phone with your dad through speakerphone.
    I'd be much more impatient with mine.
  6. Hearing that beautiful voice of yours floating over the music playing in the car.
    Flitting about. Harmonizing as only you can.
  7. I should be completely swooning over you.
    Nervous and unsure of what to say. Wondering how you got to be so perfect. Finding absolutely everything you say or do totally endearing. Stealing glances and finding you more than adorable.
  8. Usually I would. Usually I am.
  9. But I'm kind of not?
  10. I looked at you and I thought, oh.
    No butterflies. For the first time. Maybe ever.
  11. Is it because a friend has been with us?
  12. Is it because you had to go into work?
  13. Is it because we've been so rushed and haven't even hugged?
  14. Is it because after all this time, I'm finally getting over this and can finally see you as you see me— A best friend, simply, despite having feelings for you for the longest time? Someone who is infinitely important to me, but not in that way in this moment?
  15. No idea.
  16. Maybe this will change tomorrow.