This happened a few weeks ago and I totally forgot!
  1. I'm at a dinner/concert and run down to use the restroom before the opening act.
  2. There I am, washing my hands, checking my hair in the mirror like any normal person, when these two girls walk in and start taking selfies together in the other mirror next to me.
  3. Another girl comes out of the stall and has to wait to wash her hands until they're done. Like for a long time. Selfie girls are totally blocking the other sink and also preventing her from coming around to my sink, which I have since finished using.
    They basically took over the not-very-roomy restroom.
  4. This goes on for a while. Like I'm done washing up, but cannot look away from their giggling and smiling, except to meet the eyes of stall girl a few times, like: ooookay, are you kidding? This is getting ridiculous...
  5. They finally leave. Stall girl looks at me, laughs, and says, "There are two kinds of people in this world: those who take selfies in the bathroom and those who don't."
  6. I saw her as my friend and I were walking out of the venue after picking up his stuff backstage. I nod and she waves. We laugh to one another again. Non-bathroom selfie girl power. ✊
  7. The end.