I like to record at least a bit of every song so I can curate a playlist (which usually only happens in my brain) and remember the setlist later. Unfortunately, my phone died once we got to the paper airplane part. :( but I found a way!
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    Capable of Anything
    Jon's favorite. Even without yMusic!
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    Annie Waits
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    Selfless, Cold, and Composed
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    😍 Okay, I did need to hear this live.
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    "Intervallic shizzle" in the soprano line of the counterpoint. Dang, this was hard, Ben! Jon and I are both pretty good musicians (okay, he's amazing, and I'm whatever...), and we FAILED miserably!
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    Also note: my plane didn't fall out of the sky and I was able to send that text message.
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    Not a Fan
    He went on a tangent during a story that brought up Brick and I'm realizing that Brick wasn't requested later during airplane times! Surprising.
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    😍. Couldn't woot afterward out of respect. ❤️❤️❤️
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    Zak and Sara
    Love at the beginning of this song when Ben gets so into bangin' out those ivories that he removes himself from his drum stool and stamps that pedal. Three times I've seen this, and three times he's done it at the same moment, so I was prepared. My camera however refused to focus. Also, that head to the left was boppin' away. Too much fun!
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    Bitch Went Nutz
    Ben is searching... quote: "It's about what happens when some dumbass wants to talk about politics at a party! And umm. It's not nice!" Basically a lawyer who wants to make partner ASAP stops at a Starbucks to find a last-minute date for a function and she breaks out all the controversial topics and make him look like an asshat. "...MISTAKE."
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    Part of the backstory: "the year is 2008... Why don't I write the worst lyrics I can imagine? Then I'll put music that's completely different than the album... the thing is, they'll all be the same titles. So you can leak that, cause that'll really mess them up!... so it took about 8 hours to write, record, mix, master, and distribute the stuff..."
    "It's called The Fake Album. It's out there. It's not easy to find..." (maraca and one-handed piano action going on in this shot)
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    You Don't Know Me
    No Regina. 💔 lol. We got to be Regina though, and I love me some audience participation.
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    C24 3:25
    C-19 I was last. :( a fellow New Mexican going to ABQ? Flight info.
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    And 💀⚰️RIP phone's battery. This is when Ben informed us that this would indeed be a paper airplane show and explained the process of getting paper and all. He hinted at it before and I was so excited the entire first half. I wanted to video the airplanes flying, but alas, my phone didn't allow. However, here's where I got creative. Or something.
    Process: go to lobby. Get paper. Write request. Fold plane. Launch. So after each song, Ben would walk around and choose airplanes. He said he'd do ten, but he did more I think. He'd lay them out on his piano and count them before each song to keep track. Our planes did not make it to the stage. We forgot to research most effective airplane methods before our phones died.
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    Which was requested at least five times.
    He'd play multiple requests' intros only. They got shorter and shorter. 🎶well I thought... by the last go.
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    Take Me Out to the Ballgame
    This didn't count against our ten.
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    One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces
    It's shorthand! Also, please excuse all of this godawful handwriting. Writing in the dark while simultaneously watching such amazingness in front of your eyes is hard.
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    Erase Me
    Fuck this was good. Jon was so into this one.
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    I either forgot to write five or six. This goes in one of those spots. 😳
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    Rock This Bitch
    As per my and a neighbor's many, many shout requests! Actually someone sent up a request for some song from The Muppet Movie. (This says "Rock This Bitch Muppets")
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    I couldn't tell you what this says, but goes with the Muppets. The name of the song requested, but I have no idea what I wrote.
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    Bummed because I love getting his Rock This Bitch recorded since it's always different! It still amazes me that he can just pull something so perfect out of thin air so flawlessly. Also unsure if this counted toward our ten.
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    Bitches Ain't Shit
    Unsure about that question mark? OMG this was perfection! Hahahahaha.
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    And this is where I got off with my numbering, because I'm positive Bitches Ain't Shit was after his Rock This Bitch.
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    Not the Same
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    😳 Also, two nines.
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    Another brain malfunction while multitasking.
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    Trusted (I think? Forgot to write it!! 😳)
    NBD, haven't played this song in fifteen years, let's see how it goes... PERFECTLY, save literally one mistake.
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    Off again with my numbering. Only wrote 10 bc he said the previous was his last, but he was like, "fuck it, I'll do another."
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    The Best Imitation of Myself
    Actually... this was definitely the final one before the encore. I'm the worst.
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    The Luckiest
    Encore. Of course!
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    And me? I. WAS. INTO. IT. ALL. So sorry, everyone around me! I'm not usually like this, but...
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    Fuck man. This was perfect and inspiring.