1. I'm not black. Or white.
  2. I'm Hispanic. I'm a woman in a predominantly female line of work living in a predominantly Hispanic community.
    These things are absolutely in my favor where I live.
  3. I have feared for safety in my place of work.
    Because of gun violence and endless training and drills we have to go through in the classroom with our kids. A lengthy list on its own.
  4. But not because of the color of my skin.
  5. I have never worried about the safety of members of my family.
    Or about my own safety because we are brown.
  6. But I'm so very lucky. I am a minority that has that privilege.
  7. That is in NO way the norm.
  8. And that is awful.
    It is more than awful.
  9. Because no one should have to fear for the lives of their family members.
    Or for their own life.
  10. And no one should be murdered for something they can't change.
  11. Not if you're gay.
  12. Not if you're black.
  13. And especially not by people who should be serving and protecting the citizens of the United States.
  14. I look at some of my current and past students and my heart breaks for those little boys.
    Because I know that they are at a disadvantage in this world quite simply because of the color of their skin.
  15. Not even just a disadvantage. They are in danger.
  16. My heart breaks for the child and family of Phil Castile.
  17. My heart breaks for the family of Alton Sterling.
  18. My heart breaks for the families of the victims of all of this senseless violence.
    Murder. Senseless murder.
  19. 💔