I am looking to purchase an acoustic guitar. I am learning about them, but don't have my own or really play well yet. I'll be needing one for school either in a few months or a little less than a year, but also want a good guitar to just have for the rest of forever (important in my future career). I can't decide between these or possibly others:
  1. Taylor- 214-e
    Used from a local shop. Solid Sitka spruce top, Has had a split top professional repaired in the past. Rosewood Laminate back and sides, Sitka Spruce top, Sapele neck, Ebony fingerboard. Love its sound and really liking the fact that it's used. $499, potentially negotiable. My favorite I think, but the previous damage concerns me.
  2. Martin- 00XAE
    Guitar Center. Made in Mexico. Great sound, Sitka spruce solid top, mahogany pattern HPL (high-pressure laminate), layered birch neck, black rich lite fingerboard. The laminate and non-organic materials are kind of a turn-off, but again, great sound! $539.
  3. Breedlove- Pursuit Concert
    At my favorite local shop who is currently repairing one of my ukes. They'd have to order this for me, so I haven't tried one. I tried out the others in the same body style they had though, and fell in love with a too expensive Koa body. I though about instead one with a solid Mahogany top, back, and sides with a rosewood fretboard. $499
  4. Also, what about Taylor Minis or Little Martins?
    Some people have said since I'm little, maybe I should get an even smaller body. I wasn't sure if I should be like this 😠 or this🤔... ?
  5. Also, do you think a cutaway is important?
  6. A friend said I shouldn't be spending this much on a first guitar, but I feel like I definitely want a quality guitar that will last a very long time.