1. And... now I have to come to a dance party.
  2. Like. I don't really know all of his friends up here.
    Plus random strangers.
  3. And these ones are the ones.
  4. And it's already been a lot of socialization and energy for me for the day.
  5. And he knows this.
  6. And he noticed immediately when I shut down.
    Because he knows me so well.
  7. And knew exactly why.
    Despite me not saying anything about it.
  8. And said don't hate me.
    And it seems like we're only doing what I want to do. That's what he said. Because he didn't let me meet Ben afterwards. Because he has to work in the morning.
  9. But we're still here.
  10. And I offered to stay in the car.
  11. But he wanted to "introduce me to his friends".
  12. And wouldn't just let me sit in the car when I insisted I would be fine.
    He has good intentions, but he knows. He said, I know this is not your kind of party, and I'm sorry.
  13. And maybe I'm being difficult.
    And selfish.
  14. It's just. I can't.
  15. And now I'm standing here awkwardly.
  16. When I could be in the car listening to Ben.
    Not doing this.
  17. Ugh.
  18. I just need to keep listing this as something to do.
  19. This will be deleted, but another is prob coming. Which will be deleted.