Favorite Clothes That I've Pretty Much Worn Out/Ruined

But still love and will continue to wear until they are literal rags, from oldest to newest. I could kick myself for not buying these in multiples.
  1. B/w striped dress from Urban Outfitters
    Laundering has made it quite short. But it's so cute.
  2. Flocked floral swing dress from ASOS
    Laundering has made it pill a good bit. Still a go-to in the wintertime. So warm.
  3. Tahari cropped sweater found at Marshall's
    Laundering has made it not as slouchy and oversized. It wasn't quite cropped on me, as my torso isn't very long, and the sleeves were way comfy and roomy. It was absolutely perfect. Now, though it's still wearable, it fits more snugly than before and the sleeves are too short so I have to push them up. Literally anyone and everyone, HELP ME FIND THIS SWEATER AGAIN. IT IS MY FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING, AND IF I COULD HAVE IT AS IT WAS HERE, I'D BE THE HAPPIEST HUMAN.
  4. Here's what it has become.
    And it's still my favorite. But seriously. Anyone. If you stumble across this online, thrifted, possibly at your local Marshall's or TJ Maxx (doubtful though, as this was from a few years ago) in size S, I will reward handsomely.
  5. ASOS oversized t-shirt dress
    Laundering has given it some slight pilling. Still available-ish. Not the exact product.
  6. ASOS dark denim shirt
    Laundering has made it fade substantially. It was such a beautiful, saturated color.
  7. H&M forest green dress
    Also pilling. But this I can remedy. By getting multiples. I bought this dress this past weekend and I've worn it a million times already. Haven't even washed it 😳, and it's already pilling. Is it great quality? Obviously not. Am I gonna go buy at least one more anyway? Most definitely. It drapes really nicely AND IT HAS POCKETS!!