Dear friend, this is my most honest place/a very safe community for me. I also encourage you to read my lists from DANCE PARTY through UGH. I left them up in case. ⭐️-important. List App, I may link this to him. He said a lot, but I didn't, and we didn't have time to talk everything through. Here's my attempt. Too much? Maybe this is more for me.
  1. ⭐️First and foremost. ❤️
  2. ⭐️
  3. Mostly I want you to see that ferret GIF. I think you'll appreciate it because it is 100% me like that GBBO challenge. :)
  4. Just FYI.
  5. Lived this with me. :)
  6. More FYI
  7. ❤️
  8. The last point.
  9. Just a reminder.
  10. ⭐️
  11. :)
  12. ⭐️, but BRB, gonna have to hide and become a tiny lump under my blankets like the other morning for this one. Though, I get it.
  13. Remember this? This is your understanding of List App so I get that you don't get it.
  14. I've tried to keep it that way (you not getting List App) because of the lists mentioned here, but I'd like for you to understand now.
  15. You are very important to me. I just want you to see how I've seen you. And to be as honest with you as you have been with me.
    And please don't feel weird or sad or guilty in any way. We simply didn't have nearly enough time to talk, which I'm the worst at anyway.
  16. ... maybe I'm safer with a very long text message?
  17. Talking to people is hard. Even if you're really good friends. 😕