@nathanveshecco, I need your expertise again!
  1. So I went to check out that used Taylor. Here is the top crack repair:
  2. But I also found this:
  3. And I asked the owner. He said they've both been repaired, but you can definitely feel the lift of the one on the back of the body and I'm not entirely convinced that one has been repaired.
  4. He also said he could take off $100 so it'd be $399.
    While we were conversing, he also said that's the worst guitar in the room...
  5. I bought a Big Baby yesterday at Guitar Center at a sale price of $359.
  6. That'd be a $40 difference, and I prefer the sound of the used one plus it has a pickup (which would be nice but not at all essential) but... The cracks??
    He told me that once the strings of mine break in, it'd probably sound like that. But the used one still feels like a more quality instrument. Maybe because it has been broken in though??
  7. What do you think??
    @nathanveshecco @dad3 @andersun @HisDudeness
  8. Thanks all!!!